Month: August 2015

Sorry Everyone

I apologize for the lack of update everyone! I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and I am still trying to figure out how to run TS4 properly on the new OS. Hopefully I will be able to post another chapter soon!


Generation 1.2 – We’re Going to Be Friends

Walk with me, Suzy Lee, through the park and by the tree.

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The happy couple didn’t have the money for a fancy reception or even a ceremony, so they had a private wedding in the park where they met.

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Lillian made a beautiful bride.

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Despite their poverty, the newlyweds were able to move into an actual house at Oakenstead. Considering her humble beginnings, that was a luxury Lillian would never take for granted. Wyatt was happy to live anywhere, as long as he could spend his days with his lovely wife.

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After they were married, Wyatt confided in Lillian that his dream was to become an accomplished painter. However, he was quite advanced in the music career (despite having no musical ability whatsoever!) and he had never learned to paint. Lillian encouraged him to quit his job and pursue his passion. Wyatt found work as a lowly Palette Cleaner and began spending his spare time in front of an easel.

The early days of their marriage seemed to fly by, and soon enough Wyatt and Lillian were full-blown Adults. The day after Wyatt’s birthday, Lillian decided to share some important news: they were expecting a baby!

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Lillian’s first pregnancy went smoothly, with no morning sickness and very little discomfort. She was able to continue working right up to the day she went into labor. Lillian was overjoyed when she delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl: Skyla Coin.

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I can tell that we are gonna be friends.