Generation 1.1 – Love Story

We were both young when I first saw you.

07-18-15_6-27 PM-2Lillian was fishing at the park when she met Wyatt. It was one of the precious few days she had off from work and she had decided to unwind by the river. Lillian had been living outside and working hard to save money for a house. She’d been promoted to Caterer at work and, though she loved cooking, she was exhausted by her long hours and disappointed by her meager salary. Fishing had quickly become necessary relaxation in Lillian’s stressful life.

When a handsome, dark-haired stranger cast his line beside hers, Lillian’s heart skipped a beat. Though she wanted a family, Lillian had wisely decided to put off dating until she was more financially stable. She didn’t want some white knight to rescue her from poverty, nor did she want to move her future husband onto her empty lot. Still, Lillian thought, it doesn’t hurt to look.

After spending some time sneakily glancing at the man beside her, Lillian introduced herself. She didn’t want him to think she was creepy. Within a few minutes of talking with him, she was smitten. His name was Wyatt, he was also broke and he lived with seven roommates. Wyatt was currently employed as a musician despite having no love of music and no real talent for it. He had a good sense of humor and his goofy jokes put Lillian at ease. Plus, he was very easy on the eyes. Lillian couldn’t resist his scruffy beard and gentle smirk.

After their first meeting, Lillian thought about Wyatt constantly. She spent much of her free time hanging around the park, hoping to catch a glimpse of her new crush. He always seemed to be around. Lillian wondered if he was secretly hoping to see her, too.

One day, during one of their frequent walks through the park, Lillian decided to find out if Wyatt reciprocated her feelings.

07-19-15_11-25 AM-2

07-19-15_11-25 AM-4

As it turns out, Wyatt did feel the same way about Lillian.

07-19-15_11-28 AM-2

He really, really did.

From that point on, Lillian and Wyatt were inseparable, or at least as inseparable as two people could be when one of them worked as much as Lillian. Her hard work paid off, though, because with her next promotion Lillian was able to build a small house.

07-19-15_3-50 PM

Lillian had accomplished her first goal: she had a roof over her head. She knew what she had to do next. She invited Wyatt over to see her new place. Then, in her tiny, unfinished kitchen, Lillian asked Wyatt a very important question.

07-19-15_4-02 PM-2

It’s a love story, baby, just say yes.


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