Generation 1.0 – Feeling Good

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day.

07-10-15_9-00 PM

Lillian surveyed her new property. The real estate agent had told her it was called Oakenstead. A good, strong name, she thought. It’s a good lot. Her sparse belongings looked a little silly laid out on the grass, but she didn’t mind. Some combination of naivety and cheerfulness allowed her to be optimistic, even now, as she was homeless, jobless, broke and alone.

07-10-15_8-57 PM

It was optimism that had led her to Willow Creek. A survivor of the foster care system, Lillian had been awarded a small amount of money from the government. It wasn’t enough to buy a house, but it allowed her to buy a big, beautiful piece of land. It was an aspirational purchase; Lillian had always dreamed of having a large house and enough kids to fill it. Right now, she lacked both the house and the kids, but she was confident she’d get them someday. Lillian could never understand people who didn’t chase after their dreams. She was more than willing to take risks and work hard to get what she wanted. That’s why, just moments after arriving in her new town, Lillian set out to find a job.

Luck was on her side, as the job hunt was as easy as making a few quick swipes on her smartphone. She even found work in the industry she was hoping for, albeit not in her desired position. Another of Lillian’s dreams was to become a renowned chef. She got hired as an assistant dishwasher, which she supposed was close enough. She decided she’d woo her employers with her fabulous cooking skills and be promoted instantly. The only problem was that Lillian didn’t have any cooking skills.

07-10-15_9-06 PM

Lillian spent her first few days in Willow Creek reading cookbooks at the library and practicing her cooking at home. While she wasn’t immediately promoted to Head Chef at work like she had hoped, she did eventually earn a spot as Head Dishwasher, which came with a nice little bonus. Since Lillian’s home was right on the water, she also took up fishing, which was a fun hobby that occasionally brought in some extra cash.

07-18-15_6-08 PM-2

It didn’t take long for Lillian to get settled into her new life in Willow Creek. She had always kept a mental to-do list of the things she wanted for herself. She knew she had found the right place to live and was on her way to the right career. Her next goal was to find the perfect man and have a bunch of kids. With the way her luck had been lately, Lillian didn’t think she would have any trouble in that department.

07-10-15_9-35 PMIt’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good.


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